Charm Your Customer or Business Alliance With Silk Business Cards, Win Them Over

Business today is led by perception and impressions. Companies are earmarking huge budgets to their marketing and promotional activities, as they recognize the need to make an impact to customers who are wooed by so many. You can work magic with well designed and printed cards to aid your marketing, branding initiatives. Silk business cards are showing promise and can get people to do a double take when they receive it. So what are they exactly? Are they coated with silk or something like that? Well, these creative cards are laminated using a plastic film which is responsible for the luxurious appeal they generate. This is a special process making them unique and giving them more features, absent in other plain cards. These business cards are a great investment due to the long ranging impact they help create. When you give out such cards to anyone, they are bound to be impressed. They will look at you and your business with respect and awe.

Some of the more features make them super attractive and very good return on investment for a company of any size. So what are some of these engaging features?

  • Silk laminated business cards are durable, scratch resistant and hence very long-lasting
  • They look and feel rich, elegant, chic and very attractive-the sheen gives it the extra panache you cannot get with the general card-stock. They exude confidence among the one giving them out as it never fails to charm the one you are giving it to
  • Matt laminated cards are very user-friendly as you can easily write or jot something over the coating easily. No other card unless it’s a plain one offers you this benefit
  • You can easily print business cards with some more finish or treatment like spot UV, gloss etc. which is easy to get done on this variety of visiting cards
  • They do not tear, stain or get dirty. Their allure is everlasting, making them hot picks for frequent travelers
  • Silk business cards are one the most creative business cards due to their unique finish, look, feel and overall structure
  • When you network with so many people, it’s possible that business cards get dirty and people may want to discard them later. But, not so in this case. These look so nice and attractive and of course remain clean so people do not mind keeping them in their card holder or Rolodex
  • These cards are perfect for companies in the luxury and lifestyle or entertainment sector. The stylish and aesthetic elements mesh well together making them perfectly suited to the glamor quotient attached to these professions
  • Smooth, silky, seductive – all these wrapped up in a small visiting card. This little marketing tool is like the front-runner for all popularity polls as it delivers much more than what it is expected to do
  • They are in trend and well coveted so by getting silk business cards or matt laminated cards, you are staying in vogue and hence it helps you to achieve desired visibility.

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