Timeshare Telemarketing Techniques

When you’re selling Timeshare face to face on a working resort you have quite a few advantages over someone who works in a Timeshare Telemarketing department.

Firstly your client has been invited into the resort. They should have a brief idea that they are going to attend a Timeshare sales presentation. Or at least know that you will be showing them around the resort and the clients will have agreed to give you at least an hour of their time in return for some sort of gift or free lunch.

They are also on holiday and normally quite relaxed with nothing really special to do other than enjoy themselves.

Selling Timeshare over the phone is completely different.

You’re going in completely cold.

You’re invading your client’s privacy.

Unless you deal business to business you are entering their homes uninvited.

You have no way of telling if it’s a good time to call or not until you do call and they will always be too busy or have something more important to do than listen to you.

They will have been bombarded by telesales people on a daily basis trying to sell them the latest money saving telephone plan. Or the new gas or electric company that promises to save them thousands on they’re future utility bills and the bank is always trying to sell them more finance. I even had a call the other day from my electric company offering me life insurance!

The poor woman failed immediately because she had called my wife’s mobile which is the number we had put on the electricity contract, and then insisted on talking to the person on the title of the contract which is me. She would not discuss the purpose of the call with my wife.

Had she taken the time to ask a few questions first she would have found out that my wife’s number was on the contract because she deals with all the household finances, including our life insurance policies.

When my wife finally handed the phone to me in despair after trying to explain that the poor woman was better off talking to her, I promptly told her she was talking to the wrong person and cut her off!

The moral to this story is: It is very easy to say “no thanks” and hang up when someone calls you on the phone so your opening line and introduction in the first few seconds is crucial in any type of telesales.

It goes without saying that a pleasant voice and a good phone manner will help enormously in your telesales career, but there are other skills that can be learned and put into practise to improve your telephone closing percentages.

We’ll be looking deeper at those telephone skills over the next few weeks in my new section “Tips for Telesales”

So see you next week for the first part of “Tips for Telesales” that will be dedicated to opening lines and introductions to make sure they don’t hang up on you.