Timeshare Telemarketing Techniques

When you’re selling Timeshare face to face on a working resort you have quite a few advantages over someone who works in a Timeshare Telemarketing department.

Firstly your client has been invited into the resort. They should have a brief idea that they are going to attend a Timeshare sales presentation. Or at least know that you will be showing them around the resort and the clients will have agreed to give you at least an hour of their time in return for some sort of gift or free lunch.

They are also on holiday and normally quite relaxed with nothing really special to do other than enjoy themselves.

Selling Timeshare over the phone is completely different.

You’re going in completely cold.

You’re invading your client’s privacy.

Unless you deal business to business you are entering their homes uninvited.

You have no way of telling if it’s a good time to call or not until you do call and they will always be too busy or have something more important to do than listen to you.

They will have been bombarded by telesales people on a daily basis trying to sell them the latest money saving telephone plan. Or the new gas or electric company that promises to save them thousands on they’re future utility bills and the bank is always trying to sell them more finance. I even had a call the other day from my electric company offering me life insurance!

The poor woman failed immediately because she had called my wife’s mobile which is the number we had put on the electricity contract, and then insisted on talking to the person on the title of the contract which is me. She would not discuss the purpose of the call with my wife.

Had she taken the time to ask a few questions first she would have found out that my wife’s number was on the contract because she deals with all the household finances, including our life insurance policies.

When my wife finally handed the phone to me in despair after trying to explain that the poor woman was better off talking to her, I promptly told her she was talking to the wrong person and cut her off!

The moral to this story is: It is very easy to say “no thanks” and hang up when someone calls you on the phone so your opening line and introduction in the first few seconds is crucial in any type of telesales.

It goes without saying that a pleasant voice and a good phone manner will help enormously in your telesales career, but there are other skills that can be learned and put into practise to improve your telephone closing percentages.

We’ll be looking deeper at those telephone skills over the next few weeks in my new section “Tips for Telesales”

So see you next week for the first part of “Tips for Telesales” that will be dedicated to opening lines and introductions to make sure they don’t hang up on you.

Install A Digital TV Converter Box To Sell Your RV Easily

How do you make your RV a jaw-dropping deal for the buyers? When you are thinking about selling your RV that is the only question the matters, right? Well, maintenance and proper cleanup job can make the motor home halfway decent. But, most of the time, it is the entertainment benefits that seal the deal. Yes, RV-ers look forward to enjoying the outdoors when on a road trip, but, there are times when a good old television saves the day. However, just having a television is not enough. You need to have a digital TV converter to catch the signals. Here are the whys and the hows you need to know.

Why Do You Need a Digital TV Converter

Since all the analog channels went dark on Feb 17, 2009, you need to have a digital turner in your television to access them. Sure, you have an antenna, but since a digital frequency now controls the transmission, you won’t get to enjoy your favorite channels without a turner. Although from March 1, 2007 all television sets in the USA come equipped with digital turners, your used RV might not have that feature in its sets. Check your user manual or contact the seller to find out if your TV sets have that facility or not. If not, then you need to install one before trying to sell you RV.

How to Install It

While installing a digital converter is not that tough, using a step-by-step approach can make things easier for you. Buy The first step, of course is to buy the converter. Next, buy an extra TV cable if you are planning to put the converter box a bit far from the TV.

To install the box, turn off the power first. Then unplug the cable from the video switch box that is connecting it with the TV, and plug it in the ‘TV out’ slot in the converter box. Now get the extra TV cable you bought and plug its one end to the ‘TV out’ port of the video switch box and the other end to the ‘antenna in’ port of the digital converter box. See! It is quite easy. There is a small catch though. In case you have installed your television set in a cabinet, get it out.

If you do not have a video switch box, you can just take the cable from the back of the TV and plug it to the ‘antenna in’ slot of the digital converter. One end of the extra length of cable will go in the ‘out to TV’ slot in the digital converter. Put its other end in the ‘antenna in/cable in’ slot of the TV.

The process gets pretty straight-forward from here. You need to plug-in and turn on the converter box, then turn on the television. When you tune the TV for channels, you will see a menu on the screen that will guide you through auto scan to get the channels.

You will find that selling your RV is much easier with a digital converter in it. Just remember that making your RV a lucrative deal is not easy, with hundreds and thousands of competitors around. Making it entertainment-ready is certainly a great way to boost up the resale value.

Timeshare Resale: Low Cost But At What Price?

Timeshare has become one of the segments of the travel industry that continues to grow dramatically over the years. It has become an accepted way to plan travel and vacation for many people around the world today.

A timeshare is at its core a “fractional” ownership of a vacation home. Timeshare ownership is a fantastic way to have luxurious accommodations at a cheaper price. Units tend to be luxurious condominiums including kitchen, dining, and living areas for vacationers to relax and enjoy their time away from home.

However, there are times when an owner finds they just do not want their timeshare anymore. Perhaps their financial situation has changed or their lifestyle situation has changed. Unfortunately sometimes it is the lack of understanding buy the purchaser on what the commitment is. Sometimes it is even a lack of disclosure by the salesperson (which commonly leads to the “timeshares are a scam” paradigm). At any rate, a timeshare becomes more of a burden than a benefit. At this point, timeshare resale is a viable option.

That is why, timeshare resells are cheaper. Regardless of their reasons, timeshare resells see to be a much better deal than the original offer from which the timeshare was first bought. In fact, the owner can usually expect anywhere between 10% and 50% of the purchase price.

This is more similar to selling a used car than selling a piece of real estate. However, it also allows the owner relief from the legal obligations of owning a timeshare.

When an owner resells timeshare, there are many timeshare companies that will successfully take a big fraction of your money and leave you with a less desirable profit. Legitimate timeshare companies fortunately exist to help you in selling your timeshare in a completely legal and desirable manner. These companies will help an owner to resell timeshare for its full market value.

Buying A Timeshare Resale

Similar to buying a used car, sometimes it is better to go with a good name, one that has been in the industry for quite some time.

For buyers, you can have your vacation planning move faster than you expect right after finding the ultimate vacation spot you have only been dreaming about for a fraction of the cost. When your ideal timeshare resells, make a wise buying decision and enjoy your dream vacation the way you should.

The hardest part is finding the timeshare resell.

Because the resellers do not have the promotional resources that the resorts do when selling new timeshares. Have you ever gotten those promotional deals for free vacation, free helicopter tour, or even $150 in retail gift cards? Resorts spend a lot of time marketing new timeshares and the resources used in these endeavors dwarf the promotional efforts of resell companies.

The internet is your best friend when it comes to finding resells whether they are on classified ads website or you find a reseller online. Make a smart decision when you buy and then you will be able to enjoy your home away from home at a fraction of the cost of new timeshares.

Timeshare Foreclosures – Why You Should Avoid Timeshare Foreclosure

One of the common questions that comes up about timeshares is “What will happen if I stop paying my maintenance fee?” This question is usually asked by timeshare owners who are having difficulty keeping up with their annual maintenance fees, due to increases or a change in personal financial circumstances. Or sometimes a special assessment for maintenance becomes too burdensome.

Many of these folks are under the mistaken impression that there would be no consequences to allowing the payments to lapse. But that could not be further from the truth. Timeshare companies will foreclose on your timeshare if you fail to pay your bill and this will wind up on your credit report, just like if you decided to stop paying your mortgage or a credit card bill. You may also wind up being pursued by a collections company for back payments and could possibly face additional penalties and fees as a consequence of non-payment.

Some owners actually think that just because they’ve lost interest in their timeshare and don’t intend to use it anymore, that the timeshare company will just take it back if the maintenance fee doesn’t get paid. But this isn’t how it works. If that were the case you’d find some properties with an abundance of vacant properties on their hands during the least desirable vacation times. So for the most part, no timeshare company is going to let you out of your contract. The maintenance fee continues to be an obligation even if you have no intention of ever using your timeshare again.

So the best bet if you need to stop paying is to find a way to sell your timeshare. Sometimes it even makes sense to simply give it away. Unfortunately, for some sellers, you might be holding onto a timeshare that isn’t particularly popular, or maybe your week isn’t in high demand. In this situation, it might even make sense for you to offer a financial enticement. For example, you might offer to pay this year’s maintenance fees, but allow the new owner to use the week.

Conducting your sale in this way wouldn’t save you this year’s expenses, but it would ultimately allow you to relinquish the responsibility to someone else. This is far preferable to having your timeshare foreclosed upon.

Just be cautious that when you sell your timeshare you are not being ripped off. You should not pay a salesperson an upfront fee to sell your timeshare for you. A professional real estate person collects commission only after the sale is finalized, not before.