How to Use Global Resort Network

Global Resort Network (GRN) has been helping members plan their perfect vacations for the past twenty years. With a proven track record of happy members, GRN is continuously striving to provide their members with the best and most efficient services possible. From their easy-to use website to the competent and friendly customer service staff, it all comes together to provide the perfect vacation planning program on the market. Many people think of Global Resort Network as if it was a timeshare program but this vacation planning method is far different from a timeshare. Their vast array of options and a substantially lower fee make the GRN more functional than a timeshare.

Membership is required to be able to use the services of the Global Resort Network and can be paid on a one year or three year basis. The Platinum Plan is the more expensive plan but it also offer many more option like unlimited vacation time and unlimited guest passes. This plan will run about $2,995 a year but you will easily get that money back with the amount of saving you will be able to gain. The Gold Plan is less expensive but limits its member to three weeklong vacations every year. A three year Gold membership will cost you $2,495.

As with any vacation you plan, reservations are a must with Global Resort Network. The company’s website will gain you access to everything you need to select, reserve and pay for your vacation accommodations. Most weeks last for seven nights and eight day depending on the weather. Reservation can be made up to one year in advance to allow you to secure your favorite spot. You will also be able to place your reservation at a minimum of three days prior of departure. This will allow you to make last minute plans if the need arises.

Sometimes Global Resort Network will offer special deals for their customers to choose from. Hot weeks are special offers that has specific location offering a discount price if you go during that specific week. Mini trips consisting of three to five nights at particular locations are also occasionally offered by Global Resort Network. They also work with several airline companies to help lower the flying cost of your vacation.

Global Resort Network has an excellent customer service staff whose primary goal is to use their vast experience and help members plan the perfect vacation. Customer service staff can be easily contact on the message board of Global Resort Network’s website. They are available to answer question, help with located the right accommodations, help navigating through the website and to help with any other problem or concern.

The website of Global Resort Network is easy to use and accurately list every available accommodation to select from. The website will let you print registration receipts, guest certificates or local maps of the place you plan on traveling too. Easy access to all of this helpful material is vital to make Global Resort Network one of the best vacation planning resorts.

Using a Visitation Timeshare Calculator When Making a Parenting Time Schedule

I recently heard from a man who was involved in a custody situation. He explained that he and his former wife had gone to mediation to try and work out a parenting time schedule. In the course of mediation, they came up with a schedule that they both agreed on. He said he was ready to sign the agreement, but decided to take it home and look it over for a couple of days. Once he was home, he bought a computer program that had a visitation timeshare calculator. He put in his schedule, and he realized that the schedule he was about to sign actually gave him a lot less time with the children than it seemed. He went back to mediation with some changes in the schedule that made it a lot more fair.

Unfortunately, most parents don’t realize the importance that a visitation timeshare calculator can make for their parenting time schedule. However, many times the terms of the schedule can seem fair, but they hide extra holiday time, weekend time, and other hidden visits that significantly alter the parenting timeshare percentage. To really make a schedule fair, parents need to know the exact visitation timeshare that they have with the children.

The visitation timeshare is calculated by adding up all of the time that each parent has with the children. Then the hours can be converted to a percentage so that the parents can easily compare them. Parents can manually go through the schedule to figure out the percentage, or they can get computer programs to help them calculate it.

Knowing the visitation timeshare also benefits parents who are trying to make a shared parenting time schedule. In a shared parenting schedule, the mother and father have generally agreed to make a schedule where they each get about half of the time with the children. If the parents know the timeshare percentage as the create the schedule, they can truly make one that lets each parent have around fifty percent of the time.

In order to make sure that the parenting schedule is the right one, parents need to know everything about it. This includes knowing the visitation timeshare. By taking the time and effort to figure this out, the parents can have the peace of mind that comes from knowing the schedule is the best possible one for them and their children.